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Our veterinarians and animal hospital staff at Lebanon Road Animal Hospital combine quality veterinary care with compassion and a true love of animals.

Drs. Kay and Ben Baker are highly skilled, experienced veterinarians who have served the Hermitage, Mt. Juliet, Donelson, and Nashville communities for over 25 years.

Our veterinary clinic offers:

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Comprehensive preventative care: At Lebanon Road Animal Hospital we believe that pets need more than just “their shots.” We believe in establishing a long term relationship with you and your four legged family member. This relationship enables the doctor to diagnose problems and disease through routine physical exams and blood work, finding problems before they become critical to your pet. Because we believe so strongly in this relationship, we offer free yearly core vaccinations which include DA2PP&L (Canine distemper, parvo) and rabies for dogs and FCVR-C (Upper respiratory) and rabies for cats. These vaccinations are included free of charge when your pet is brought in for its yearly preventative physical exam. We also recommend yearly heartworm and fecal exams to keep your pet parasite free. Keeping your pet on monthly heartworm and flea preventative all year long is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. We offer a variety of products and options for flea and heartworm control. Spaying and neutering helps extend the life of your furry friend as well. Not only does it stop unwanted pregnancies, it also greatly reduces the risk of mammary and prostate cancer. Please ask us about our current specials on spays and neuters.

Pet dental care: Dental care is an important part of overall pet health as oral problems can negatively affect so many other parts of your pet's body beyond teeth and gums. Our cat and dog dental services help your pet enjoy a better quality of life--along with maintaining healthy teeth and beautiful gums.

Senior and geriatric pet care: Remember your pet ages much faster than you do. By the age of 7, they are already close to 50 human years. Starting at 7 years of age, we recommend yearly to every 6 months senior/geriatric blood work. This blood work can detect the early onset of many diseases. This can include diabetes, thyroid conditions, chronic kidney and liver disease, heart disease and hypertension. Arthritis can also be managed with nutritional supplements, pain medication, exercise and other integrated services such as acupuncture. Our goal is to keep your pet comfortable, more active and healthy for as long as possible.

Advanced diagnostics: We are able to do x-rays, blood tests, urine test, ECG's, and Blood Pressure checks here in the clinic so there is no waiting days to find out what is going on with your pet. We are able to provide you with results usually within 15-30 min.

Dermatology: Dermatology is another important feature of our animal clinic. Much like oral problems, skin-related issues often affect other parts of the body. Our veterinarian is trained in advanced procedures to treat dog rashes and other dermatology problems, helping achieve better overall wellness for your pet.

Boarding - We do not currently board any animals over the weekend. There are many boarding facilities that we recommend. You can get a list of those by calling us or it can be found under the boarding tab.

Grooming- We only do bathing for medical conditions. We can give you a list of groomers around the area that we would recommend.

We try to make taking care of your furry friends needs as easy as possible.

Petly- Petly is our pet portal site that allows you to see what services your pet is due for and when. It also allows us to share your pets information with you. That way you have access to your pets most recent blood work and vaccination history even if it is after hours.

Reminders -We can send you reminders by email or mail so that you don't have to remember when your pet is due for needed services. You can also see the next service your pet has coming up through Petly.

Order medications – There are many ways that you can get the needed medications refilled. You can call us, email us, request a refill through Petly, or order it from our online store. We can either have it ready when you get here or ship it to your house, and with most items shipping is free.

Requesting an appointment – you are able to request an appointment by phone, email, Petly, or click here. We also offer drop off services if it is easier for you to drop off before work and pick up after.

Facebook- We are on facebook! Like our facebook page and get updated information on pet care, recalls, and just cute animals. 

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